Some people, intrinsically, and arithmetically, unable to do a risk analysis, are sure to pitch into the DECC consultation on fracking by saying any earthquake risk at all is a risk too far.

Other people, in New Zealand for example, have a deeper sense of perpsective:

A UK study into hydraulic fracturing offers New Zealand "some reassurance" the process causes only very small, normal-range earthquakes, a GNS scientist says.

"We get about 150,000 earthquakes in New Zealand every year that are magnitude 2.3 and above, so that's about 50 a day and most people just don't feel them. That level of seismicity in New Zealand is normal."

Anything being induced by fracking, which is being reported in the literature, is causing no different activity than what happens naturally in New Zealand, Quinn said.

You would have to be a particular brand of paranoid to obsess about the imperceptible in the wake of this Kiwi reality check. But what about all the rest? With the proviso that the people at Frack Off don't trust any geolgists anyway, here's her take:

I think we can take this as some reassurance, and this is only the second published example of earthquakes being caused by hydraulic fracturing."

With regard to claims that fracking can lead to water contamination, Quinn said she is not sure we need more investigation.

Good video here too, I'll try and add it to the permanent video archive arriving soon at the top of the page.

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