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European Energy

Coal: Coal is still important in most countries but the total percentage is declining. Coal emits 112 grams of CO2 per megajoule of energy Natural Gas emits 62 grams per MGJ

Oil: Diesel Fuel is rarely used in electricity generation anymore apart from standby plant for peak capacity. It emits 86 grams per MGJ

Hydro: One of the original fuels, hydro power emits no carbon, but the scope for further use is very limited in Europe

Biomass: Wood, Peat and carbon crops, actually can be sometimes more carbon intense than gas, but this is made up by the crops being regrown over time and remaining carbon neutral or even carbon sinks

RES: Renewable Energy Sources : off and on shore wind, solar and tidal sources emit no carbon at point of use

Nuclear Power: Emits no carbon at point of use.

Source: Electricity: International Energy Agency 2009, Gas:BP Energy Statistics 2010.

Natural Gas by source: Natural Gas is transported by pipeline or imported by sea as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). We show the breakdown of the total gas sources by country and a further breakdown of LNG imports.

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