I've been noticing the sudden surge in visitors from the District of Columbia recently. Especially popular was this post from January 3 which included:

 As shale moves into an economic story, it will becomes a political one. Most obviously this sets the stage for an Obama victory by default later this year.  The two battleground swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio are at the epicenter of the shale boom, and those in work in the states won't be interested in how they got those jobs - just that they have them.  Obama's opposition who ever that will be won't hurt, but the Democrats will see what side their bread is buttered on.  Democrats will ignore, or oppose, shale at their peril.

And today:

President Barack Obama will encourage the country's booming natural gas output in his State of the Union address on Tuesday, while defending his administration's energy record, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Obama was expected to devote a significant portion of his speech slated for 9 p.m. EST Tuesday calling for a "new era for American energy," which will include promoting domestic natural gas production, according to documents provided to Democratic party sources.

The connection is no less tenuous than shale and flaming faucets, although maybe slightly more grounded in reality. The President is positioning himself exactly as I would advise.

Obama's address will also focus on the importance of not sacrificing environmental protections and investments in clean energy during this time of budget constraints and concerns about job creation, said Elgie Holstein, senior director for strategic planning at the Environmental Defense Fund.

"We're anticipating that the president will make a pointed defense of the fact that taking care of our environment and building clean energy future is another form of investment in America's economic future," Holstein said.

 At this rate, maybe even European politicians will start waking up. We can only hope.

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