Simply put I can't be everywhere, and Germany is a place I wish I could put more resources.  But in light of some trying to paint ExxonMobil's two non-commercial wells in Poland as harbinger of European shale doom, this from Exxon Mobil is instructive. The translation is far more fractured than the rocks, but this is the kind of news that should make it into English more often:

ExxonMobil expects natural gas to win by so-called "Fracking" in two years without the use of toxic substances. The CEO of ExxonMobil Central Europe, Gernot Kalkoffen said the "new Osnabrück newspaper", the company is currently trying to replace toxic substances with non-toxic.

The potential for Fracking controversial method is immense. So the U.S. is in a few years become one of the leading gas producer in the world. Even in Germany there are significant gas reserves that can be tapped.

 Exploratory drilling in Lower Saxony

ExxonMobil is currently being explored in multiple locations in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia opportunities for gas extraction. The Group is confident to avoid possible damage: During the past two years we have reduced the number of toxic ingredients used from seven to four. In two years will be entirely without toxins. To check ExxonMobil among others the use of UV light. 

Germany is the quiet epicenter of European shale.  Germany is second only to the Netherlands in on shore production and has been using fracking for decades as I pointed out last November;

 What a surprise. Everyone flipping out all over Europe about the evil frack monsters and Poland and the UK congratulating themselves on being so ahead of the curve on shale. But someone forgot to tell the Germans.  The Damme 3 well was fracked and here are the ingredients. Anyone die of poisoned water in Germany lately?

Fracktivists fall over themselves getting the most obscure examples of alleged US errors. But whether they happened or not will certainly be irrelevant 4 to 5 years off when European production starts in any serious volumes. Europe will leapfrog the US experience and move directly from today to a future of food based additives, recycled water and significantly reduced land use. Fracktivists can take some comfort in a remaining issue: Earthquake risk will remain as statistically unlikely as it is scientifically imperceptible.

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