Two stories of note. From China,

China's top listed gas producer PetroChina Co. (PTR) and energy major Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) have started drilling the first evaluation well at the Fushun shale gas block in Sichuan province, PetroChina's parent China National Petroleum Corp. said in an in-house newsletter Monday.

The move marks a milestone of the two companies' shale gas cooperation, 13 months after signing an agreement to jointly develop shale gas resources in the area.

Assessment work in the Fushun block that covers an area of approximately 4,000 square kilometers began in January this year.

If China can do this in 13 months,  why should we believe the doomsayers who say that Europe won't have any game changing shale even within 10 years?

Any European shale won't be helped if we see stories like this from Cuadrilla's operation area of Blackpool that follow the accentuate the negative model:

A GAS company has been granted permission to expand its controversial energy revolution on the Fylde coast – despite concerns about hazards to planes from Blackpool Airport.

But both Blackpool and Fylde Green Party and Blackpool Airport have expressed concerns about the plans, with the airport filing an official objection to Lancashire County Council claiming the Westby development could prove "hazardous" to flights.

Paul Rankin, the airport director, said: "We find it potentially conflicts with national and international aerodrome safeguarding requirements, and it presents a hazard to the safe operation of aircraft in the vicinity of Blackpool Airport."

This guy is mis-informed.  Firstly,  the derrick is about 30 meters high. Blackpool Tower, only marginally further away doesn't interfere with the operation of the airport and is 158 meters high.

Secondly,  why isn't he interested in increasing investment in the area?  Perhaps it would bring in more passengers and save his business, which is declining?

Thirdly, if he's worried about international standards, one need only look at Dallas Fort Worth airport, number eight in the top ten busiest list.  Cheaspeake have not only been drilling at the  airport since 2006, they have given them over $180 million in royalties.



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