I've always pointed out that I trust experts in the energy debates and shale in particular. Not being one myself, I go for majority opinion and generally don't believe in outliers. 

I'm saying that by way of apology/explanantion for my recent elusiveness. Ever since my return to London early last week, I've been sicker than I have been in years, and I've had some drastic medical experiences as a control. That doesn't stop me going sleepless for a week in Texas and Pennsylvania, finished off by having a drink or dozen with the shameless old hippies I went to high school with in New York. Whether that, or a simple chest infection has made me ill,  the result has been for most of the past week here has been horizontal, wondering "When are the drugs going to kick in?"  I've done real good with the NHS in my time and I don't second guess doctors of all people. However the doctors only just noticed that the drugs I've been on have been contra indicated by the usual collection of pills that rattle around in me. Result, back to square one for me, and patience dear readers for you.

I'll spend the next few days separating recent information from delirium and expect full service to resume very shortly. Let this warn you: they say read the label for a reason.

Or did I actually get sick from drinking the water in Dimock PA?  Some are hoping I'm sure.

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